From day one of our operations, oasisVRX has been on a mission to ensure that our guests are enjoying themselves in a safe and clean environment. To date, we have taken additional precautionary steps to ensure that our patrons could safely and confidently enjoy our wide array of Virtual Reality experiences, regularly wiping all exposed surfaces with sanitizing wipes and cleaners. As a standard practice, we always clean our equipment with anti-bacterial wipes, and provide access to cleaning materials and hand sanitizers at all of our VR play stations. Our stations are cleaned before and after each use.

We are taking the coronavirus situation very seriously. To ensure the health & safety of our guests, employees and their families we are taking the proactive step of temporarily closing to the public. Our management team is monitoring the coronavirus situation continually via alerts from the Centers for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, and public health & safety officials. We will comply with all State and Federal mandates as it relates to the coronavirus. As information becomes available to us through the various health and safety agencies we will update our status via the oasisVRX website and through our mailing list. Any deposits will be honored and as always – any minutes remaining in your accounts will never expire.

All residents are encouraged to practice conscientious behavior of regularly washing hands with soap and water, use of hand sanitizers, avoid openly coughing and avoid those that are coughing by at least 6 feet, and limit travel abroad and avoid know areas of infection. Gatherings are limited to 50 or less.

We appreciate your business and continued support, and look forward to seeing our terrific customers again in the very near future.